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"Small-caps have provided better long-term investment results"

Royce Funds - Source »

"Small-caps outperform large-cap stocks by 84 basis points in January."

Pensions & Investments Online - Source »

"Microcaps have therefore become even more attractive to those who are willing and able to put in the work needed to capitalize on a unique opportunity"

Ariel Investments - Source »

"Small-caps look attractive to both investors and potential acquirers because of their strong balance sheets and good earnings momentum. Unlike large caps, smaller companies have more room to cut costs to boost margins."

Palisade Capital Management, on CNBC - Source »

"If you're going to have a bounceback you'll get a lot of beta with small caps. You get a lot of action with them."

Philip Silverman, portfolio manager at Kingsview Management - Source »

"Small- and mid-caps are outperforming, improving the chances of an eventual broad-market breakout." - Source »

Small Stocks Can Deliver Amazing Long-Term Gains!

The top performer for the year once again was Small-Cap Focused Growth portfolio, with a gross return of 54.2% for the year ended Sept. 30.

"Small-cap players are definitely shining again," said Andy Kwon, a data analyst for Chicago-based Morningstar. Source »

Small Stocks Have Led the Market for More than a Decade! says, “Small-cap dominance didn't just begin with this bull market. Since the end of 1999, small-caps have delivered annualized gains of 3.9%, vs. losses of 0.5% for large stocks” Source »

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According to a Well-Known, Major Investment Firm These are Some of the Best Reasons Right Now for Investing in Microcaps:

  • Over long periods of time, micro-cap stocks outperform other equities.
  • Micro-cap stocks improve a portfolio’s risk/return characteristics.
  • Adding a deep value approach to a micro-cap strategy increases outperformance.
  • Perceived negatives such as illiquidity actually benefit long-term investors.
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